Monday, March 25, 2013

back in business.

We've received some really good, but bittersweet news! Nick was given a conditional job offer for the job we have been waiting to hear back about for over 5 months. There are just a few more steps to go before everything is official (fingers crossed because it's going to be a really intense few weeks for him). 

Wedding planning literally came to a halt when the "interview" process started. I was anxious, but thought it would all be over with in just a few short weeks. I was so wrong. Even now, I can't officially start planning or set a date just yet until we know more. But, it feels good to know that we are moving forward! 

The bittersweet part to it all is that if he does get the job, Nick will have to move to the Northern part of our state for his training. We just moved into this house, so I would have to stay here and work. I don't mind, but in the end I would much rather be with Nick. If November goes as we originally planned, Nick will come home for the weekend, we will get married and then come Monday morning he will be back to work. Overwhelming, but sacrifices must be made in life to reach your highest goals.


So, stay tuned because the wedding excitement is about to start again!  Oh, and have I mentioned how much fun I am having decorating the new house?


Falen @ Upward Not Inward said...

Yay for the conditional offer and the resumption of wedding planning!! That's exciting!! And that picture of you two is just gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend.


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hi there!
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