Friday, May 31, 2013

an update!

It's been many a sleepless nights around these parts of town (i.e. our house) due to the kitten who believes that sleeping is for the dead!  To pile on some more excuses... work has been really busy, all I want to do is eat and pass out during the week and I have also been endlessly addicted to the DISboards.

But, my new addiction is for a very good reason!  We have decided that we will be getting married at Disneyland, followed by a honeymoon in Walt Disney World... and then we will return home and have a reception for everyone we could not invite.  The planning is still in the very early stages, but I am incredibly happy and cannot wait to share the journey!  I am considering making some YouTube videos about it and have also started a Planning Journal on the DISboards.

I've also been working on some fun DIY projects for the house, but everything is a bit crazy because we are also planning a trip to Disneyland (yes, again) for Nick's birthday and to tour the wedding venues.  Yay!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Oliver is the sweetest little terror you will ever meet.

I am sleep deprived and cannot wait for the weekend to arrive.

Oliver requires constant attention while he is awake or he will cry incessantly.
He has the gnarliest kitten farts and poos.
He tries to beat up the big cats and runs up and down the stairs incredibly fast for something that weighs just over 1 lb.
He likes to stalk my fingers while I am typing and reset my Internet preferences as he does a little jig across the keyboard.
He wakes up at the crack of dawn and will not stop yowling until we let him out so he can climb all over our faces.
But, he sure is cute when he's sleeping!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

our new friend.

What should we name him???  When I first picked him, I knew he was the perfect one for me.  But, then we got in the car and he was a little nightmare!  He cried for a good 30 miles on the freeway to the vet's office... but then he melted my heart once we got in for his exam.  Poor baby was just stressing out over all of the change and leaving his litter mates.

When we got home he ate a ton of kitty food (wet + dry mix), pottied in his litter box, played, purred and cuddled... then finally decided to take a nap! 

Don't worry, his prominent third lid was checked out by the doc and it's just due to his age.  I'm so excited to watch him grow and I hope our other cats will love him too (in a few weeks once they meet face to face)!


Saturday Instagram Recap {week 17 link-up}

Happy weekend!

Pearls and Curls

  1. After weeks of procrastinating, I finally got my nails done and it feels so good to know that they look nice!
  2. Mmm cereal.  I also love the bowls that I bought from Home Goods.
  3. Turkey BLTA's for dinner post-gym.  Does the fact that they're made from turkey bacon make it healthier???
  4. How cute are these two cats? :)
  5. Chorizo, eggs and rice for dinner.  I'm not a huge fan of eggs, but everything else is great!
  6. Sushi for Ariella's birthday!  I ate a big lunch, so I couldn't put away too much. :(
  7. Haven't had In N Out in FOREVER.  I don't recommend the regular cheese fries though.  
Overall, it was a long work week... super excited for this upcoming week though.  I cannot believe that it's already May!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

degrees of friendship.

The topic of friendship has still been weighing pretty heavily on my mind.  I was just thinking about the term "best friend".

I hate it.

It's almost protective and makes friendship competitive sometimes, in the mind of some people.  Tonight, I went to dinner because it was one of my best friend's birthday's.  Her other friend who I had never met before seemed to be clearly marking her territory.  My friend was her best friend.  But, can she be my best friend too?

I have a handful of best friends, who are not at all the same as one another which is what makes them my "best friends".  I know that they too have other best friends to a "degree" and I don't feel jealous of them because I know those other friends fill in the holes that my personality cannot.

I love having so many best friends (just wish they lived closer *cough*).  It's so strange to me that none of them really run in the same circle of friends, or know each other at all (but they will come wedding time)!  And just because I love them so much, I now present to you... the BFF's.

My "Lover" and best of bests: Ashley

While all of my best friends are my best friend... Ashley is my "sister from another mister" or whatever you want to call it.  She was 15, I was 16... and we met at lunch one day through my other best friend.  We forged a friendship through our adventures on Dance Team and never looked back!  I remember the first time we hung out was for a car wash fundraiser and Ashley was waving her sign around (like a crazy lady) in the middle of the road.  I knew right then that she was nothing like me, but every bit someone I wanted as a best friend.  And now, she's my MoH and I couldn't be happier!

My Diary and Confidant: Jaci

Jaci- Lower Right

She's seen me through nerdy glasses, blonde hair, electric blue eye shadow and my Lizzie McGuire days (you know- floral capris and crimped pieces of hair).  She literally knows every single last deep dark secret of mine.  I've known her since we were in middle school and we bonded over dance team and theater class as awkward 13 year old girls.  I have to admit that I used to get jealous of Jaci's other best friend all the time in High School.  But, then I realized that we were a different kind of best friends, which was a great thing!  The two of us could probably write a book about our outrageous memories...

My "Yin": Ariella

The "Yin" to my "Yang", Ariella and I first met right before our trip to S. Korea two years ago.  We balance each other out perfectly.  If I am freaking out over something, she will take my side or bring me to my senses, always.  We love the same things (except for movies) and can do just about anything together and be as happy as two peas in a pod!  I sometimes wish we had met earlier in life, but everything happens for a reason.

My Forever Friend: April

I've known her since we were 10... a good, solid almost 16 year friendship is what we have.  April moved away when we were about 13, but before then we were inseparable on the weekends (forced to go to different schools during the week really sucked).  I was heartbroken when she moved away, and then half way around the world as adult, then back again but still too far for my liking!  But, handwritten letters and emails kept our friendship alive, beyond the "normal" means of contact via social media.  From about the age of 14 to present day, we have written to each other at the very least once a month.  Our friendship exists because we put forth the effort to keep in touch and love one another as family.  I don't know what I would do without her, because she knows a part of me that nobody else ever can and vice versa.

Do you have more than one best friend?  What makes someone a best friend to another person?

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