Sunday, February 10, 2013


Back in our 18 and 19 year old days, Nick and I lived with roommates.  I was the only girl and the way the house was decorated ended up being a mix up of our collective items (envision deer antlers, Aztec pattern sofas and purple baskets... yeah).  We did not really care because all that mattered was that we had usable STUFF.  Man was it a good feeling to throw that couch in the dumpster when we moved home...

Fast forward a bit to our college years while Nick and I have been living with family, and we don't really have much of anything furniture wise except our bed, a DVD cabinet and a few dressers.  So, you can imagine my panic in the thought of moving and decorating more than one room.  Heck- this room is not even "decorated" since literally all of our items are stored in it.  There's really no room for a running theme... I mean, I have a modge podge picture hanging on the wall but that's about it.

The problem I can see happening in the next month or so is the major clash in style differences that Nick and I have.  He likes Asian inspired items, dark rich colors and very modern looking pieces.  I too enjoy modern pieces, however, I'm more of a vintage, bright colors and white on white kind of girl.  A few weeks ago, I suggested that we take our nightstands, re-finish and paint them white when we move since they are currently an ugly oak with stickers slapped on them.  His response: "I hate white furniture."

How will we come to a compromise?  Will I take a room to decorate and he can take another?  Will we even be able to decorate using coordinating colors, etc?  Who knows... but it's certainly going to be one of the great debates of 2013 for us, especially when we are working on a budget (dang the swap meet for carrying so many Asian themed paintings at such a low price- ha ha)!

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Rachel said...

I'm in love with that green nightstand. How cute!

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