Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Friend Needy.

Do you ever get into a funk where you feel like you have no friends?  I mean, of course you really do... but something feels off.

You text, message and constantly ask your friends to hang out, but they're too busy or fail to respond.

All of your best friends live in different states.  And you just found out that the one who does live nearby is probably moving away in two months.

Your fiance (who feels like your only friend, besides the cats) could potentially be gone for 6 months leaving you all by your lonesome.

And you're convinced that your house is haunted.  Maybe the ghost can be your friend?

You're friend needy and having a pity party about it.  Cue the world's smallest violin.


Leigh-Ann said...

It is really hard to find good girlfriends. Sometimes when I attempt to become friends with someone and try to hang out etc, it seems that they probably already have lots of friends and aren't interested in beginning a new friendship. If that makes any sense? I can definitely relate to this post. <3

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hi there!
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