Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Addictions...

Here are just a few of the things that I am currently obsessed with...!

1. I recently purchased two eclairs from Glaziers food market a few days ago... and I scarfed them both down within, well- two days!  Now they are all I can think about!  Thank goodness I've implemented a 5 days a week at the gym routine into my life, or I would be in trouble since my self control is slim to none.

2. I used to watch Switched at Birth when it first debuted, but then I stopped near the end of season one.  I am a sucker for ABC Family shows and decided to pick up where I left off when I saw they had season two on Netflix!

3. It might sound strange, but I am obsessed with drinking water.  Actually- I have always been!  Since I work in an office that provides free soda, coffee and tea- the temptation is always there.  But, I hate the feeling that drinking things other than water, juice or coffee gives me.  So, everyday on a continuous cycle, I keep a big cup of water at my desk.  I literally drink about 7 cups throughout the workday.  I am convinced that my co-workers think I'm crazy when I get up to pee every 30 minutes!  In the end, the pay off for my skin is amazing!

4. Oh Wedding section of Pinterest.  You suck up so many of my daily hours!  Only a few more weeks until we can lock in our date!

What are some of your current Spring Addictions?


Anonymous said...

I wish I drank water like that! I'm almost 8 months pregnant, and everyone keeps telling me to drink more water. It'll help with the swelling. Blah blah blah. I just ... forget.

I'm obsessed with Starbucks right now. I can't have MUCH caffeine (I usually get a half-caff nowadays), but I think it's the allure of the restriction. I really want to go to a bar, play some pool, and have a few drinks. It's mainly because I can't really do that these days!

What's an eclair exactly? OOOO I just posted something about a week ago that's a family recipe for an Eclair Pie! You should try it! It's really easy, and you could use fat-free Cool Whip. Granted, it may be a totally different flavor from the ones you're diggin', but it's still awesome. :)

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