Monday, October 8, 2012

dress shopping part 1.

You know when you're sitting at home watching Say Yes to the Dress and the bride on TV comes out in an elaborate gown, looks in the mirror and everyone in the room cries?

Yeah, me neither. *cough cough*

No, but really.  I thought that I would feel this way last Saturday when I found "the one".  14 dresses in, I had found plenty of "pretty" dresses that looked great... but nothing really striking.

Remember that first dress I have posted here?

Ball gowns are really not my style!  I think a smokin' hot, tall blonde would look great in this dress.  It's definitely made for a Barbie girl!

The search continues next Sunday.  I plan on trying on two of the dresses from last weekend again and the new Disney dresses come out at Alfred Angelo as well (which I am a sucker for)!  It's not like the dress decision is immediate and needs to be made right now... I mostly went so early because my Maid of Honor was in town and I did not know when I would be able to see her again and wanted her there.  

The sales person at Alfred Angelo was super nice.  Although she did bring me a dress that looked like table cloth, and told me it was her favorite one in the store so I felt obliged to put it on.  
We then went to a smaller shop, where the person helping in and of dresses kept barking at me, "Is this THE ONE?  YES or NO?!?!?"  Um... 

Hopefully I'm not that crazy bride who needs to try on every single dress in the store before I can make up my mind!


Leigh-Ann said...

Whatever you do stay away from David's Bridal... I went there first and they said I would have to share the sales associate with two other brides. I asked them if I could look around and they told me they won't help me take the dresses out for fitting, or help me find a certain designer etc.

I decided to visit a smaller boutique instead and they were wonderful.

angelica said...

Yeah, I walked into David's Bridal and walked right out. The store was a zoo! Thankfully, they were great at Alfred Angelo. I'm planning to go to some other small stores if I don't find one I love there.

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hi there!
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