Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the faces of wedding dress shopping (part 1)

My Maid of Honor and one of my bridesmaids came with me when I tried on dresses (see that post here).  Ariella, my bridesmaid, was awesome at capturing my "emotions" as I came out in each dress.

All I kept thinking was that this dress looked like a table cloth!

That awkward moment when everyone in the store has just seen your underwear, because the sales lady you've only known for 10 minutes is trying to remove the slip out from under the taffeta explosion around your waist.  Modesty, schmodesty.

My face when I found out that this dress was $1500!  Yes, I asked for lace, but I also gave you price point too! :(

Mermaid fit looks great!  But, in this moment I was thinking, "Can I sit in this dress?"
The answer is NO!

I didn't post any of the potential "winners".  I look a lot happier in those photos, but I don't want to spoil anything!  If I don't end up picking one of them, I will post them at a later date simply because they are all gorgeous and trying them on was definitely memorable!

Looking back at the 306 photos that were taken that day (IKR?), I'm almost convinced that I will 1. Not end up with a fluffy dress and 2. Will probably need to wear heels regardless of how I feel about being comfortable on the wedding day.  But, I may just surprise myself on the fluffy dress front.

As I mentioned previously, I'm going to try more on this weekend...!  Photos to come!


Leigh-Ann said...

LOL I love this! I wish I had done this. :3 I had similar moments too when trying on dresses.

I can't wait to see which dress you get. ^_^

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