Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Although the wedding planning is in a state of limbo, I've still been looking at wedding venues around town and I actually found one that was off the beaten path and I just fell in love with it via photos online.  There wasn't much information out there, but I knew that they did weddings from some reviews and blog posts that I had read.

So, I called them up for more information and the lady who answered sounded a bit surprised.  She told me that they had not really done weddings since 2009 and she would have to speak with the owners of the restaurant portion of the hotel to see if they could accommodate me.

It sounded doubtful, but I didn't know why.  If they had hosted other weddings in the past, what would be so different about mine?  I was willing rent out all 20 of their hotel rooms for the night and I had it all planned out in my head... it would be the perfect spot for the elegant/vintage wedding I am aiming for.  Plus, it's a little silly, but the town that the hotel is located in is also the town that my grandfather is buried.  So, in a way, he would kind of be nearby.

The owner of the hotel side of things called a few days later to say that they had recently had a meeting to discuss whether or not they could have the wedding there and that they would get back to me.  Again, I was a little dubious... I wasn't planning on throwing a rave at this hotel.  Just a nice wedding.


Ahem.  So, I waited a week to receive a voice mail today from the restaurant owner letting me know that although they do host events at the hotel, they are not staffed enough to host a wedding of my "size" (60-80 people).  And that was that.

I'm baffled and sad.  Dramatic of me, yes- but now nothing else seems to measure up to the plans I had for this venue.  Should I call her back and ask for more details, or just drop it completely?  I suppose it's back to square one...


Leigh-Ann said...

In my opinion, it is better to choose a place that is thrilled to have you there for your wedding, because then they will be easier to work with.

My wedding venue is a garden and they have weddings there almost every weekend. They have been very welcoming and accommodating (so far.) We had our engagement pictures taken at our wedding venue, and the owner turned on the heat in one their bridal cottage so we could get ready there. To top it off they left us beverages inside the cottage which I thought was really thoughtful of them.

angelica said...

True. But, since I live in a place that people come to all the time for weddings, it's really hard to find a place that is not super popular and old/vintage.

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