Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recovery: Days 6 & 7

This will probably be my last post about my wisdom teeth recovery, because I am feeling better... and if I do start feeling bad again, it will probably be much of the same.

On day 6, I intended on going into work, but again- I woke up early and in tears.  I really did not want to take my pain medicine because I knew that would mean I couldn't work because of how drowsy and dizzy just one pill makes me.  I took 2 Advil and sat for awhile.  Nick got a little frustrated and told me to just take the pain killers.  So, I did and fell back to sleep for a long time.

When I woke, Nick brought us some food because I had taken the pills on an empty stomach and needed something because they made me feel sick.  This helped a lot, but made my mouth really gross so I had to complete the 20 minutes process of cleaning my teeth/mouth out (I had been doing it every time after I ate).  I went to take a shower and noticed a wash of hives all across my stomach.  I assumed it was from the pain meds because initially it had just made my skin really dry and itchy.  Since I had taken 2 at one time the night before, I'm thinking this was the result.

The day went on and I slept some more.  I started to feel really bad again in the evening and took more pain medicine.  Nick looked at my hives again and was completely freaked out by the way they looked.  He made a paste out of baking soda and we let it sit on my stomach for 20 minutes.  I know it's really gross, but when I washed it off, the hives had turned into weird, gross open sore type bumps.  Ick.  So, we put some aloe vera gel on it and went to sleep.

I woke at 6 am this morning.  Took an Advil and tried to mentally visualize myself feeling better.  This did not work, so I took a pain pill. :(  I only meant to sleep until 8 am, but since I had taken the pill on empty stomach it seemed to make me even more tired and slept until 10 am!  I went to the dentist around 10:30 am and the doctor confirmed that I did have a second dry socket on the left and he re-packed both sides.  I also mentioned the hives and he prescribed Motrin 800 as an alternative and told me to throw away the other pills (they are a generic of Lortab which is codeine and Tylenol).

I felt amazing after (and right now as well).  We went and had the RX filled, picked up some Benadryl cream at the suggestion of the pharmacist.  We grabbed some coffee from Starbucks (I'm having another unmentionable side effect from the pain pills which I won't go into detail, but I'm hoping coffee will solve), and some lunch to take home.  I successfully ate part of my burger and a few fries.  It's very irritating right now because I can't clean my mouth since it will take the medicine out of the sockets.  But, I have not needed to take any of the new pain meds so far which makes me happy!  I hope that things continue to progress in this direction... I feel as though with this entire experience I would have been just fine had I not developed dry sockets.  My word of advice to other women who get their wisdom teeth out is make sure you're not on birth control at the time because it increases your risk of dry sockets immensely and is not worth it!


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hi there!
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